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Offering precious metals melting kilns

We thank you for your interest in our precious metals melting kilns. We build every kiln by hand in our Arizona facility. It is our greatest pleasure to be able to provide novel and innovative methods of refining precious metals. We provide both microwave and propane fired kilns for smelting ore concentrates and melting precious metals. Stay tuned for more upcoming Gold Processing Kilns that will likewise be expertly designed and priced affordably.

Kwik Kilns



KK-8 kit

Microwave Kiln

microwave kiln

Introduction to Our Kilns

Smelting Silver Ore in KK-6

Kwik Kiln Introductory Video

Kwik Kiln II Gold Coin Demo & Tips

Kwik Kiln 12 Pouring & Intro

KK6 Prototype Video Introduction

Kwik Kiln Introductory Video

Kwik Kiln Gold Melting Demo

Kwik Kiln 12 Final Silver Bars